Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post It Note Tuesday - Road Trip Edition

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Only Parent Chronicles

Ted: You do know how to drive, right?
Barney: 'Course. I love driving. Except for lady drivers. Don't get me started on lady drivers, right?
Ted: Which pedal's the gas?
Barney: That's a trick question.
Ted: No, it's not.
Barney: Left. Middle. Right?
~ How I Met Your Mother ~


R said...

I too have the peanut bladder and often will drive out of my way to go where I know there is a cleaner bathroom.

phoebe said...

haha. and that is why the boy and i broke up our trip into two 3 hr car rides, hahaha. and like marine, the boy surely does not appreciate my singing either ;-)

Date Girl said...

I think my bladder just knows when we're in the car and immediately has to go. What's that about? So frustrating on road trips! I love playing car games. I miss taking road trips with Match. They can be so fun!