Friday, January 7, 2011

Tapping The Reserve

Let me go ahead and apologize for my lack of blogging this week and I promise my New Year's Eve Post will come soon but in the meantime........

Things have been crazy busy!!! And when I tell you that I realize that even though I tell you all my deep dark secrets the drab stuff of everyday life, in reality I leave out a lot of details.

Like the fact I work 2 jobs and that I'm going back to school part time. I have a bachelor's degree in Communications but let's face it so far that really hasn't done me much good and unless I break out of my small town it likely never will. But I'm ok with that. I like my small town life. I'm taking online classes for website design.

In college I took a (one, singular) web design class and throughly enjoyed it but really only learned the basics in it. After college I had a friend ask if I could make a website for his business. I agreed and made him a simple but functional website. Well word of mouth spread and I had another business contact me..... and then another....... and then another.

Which was great!! But I still only knew basic design and coding. Nothing fancy. Just simple.

With the continued semi-success I've decided to go back to school to gain more knowledge in hopes that one day maybe I can turn it into a full career or at least a great extra source of income. And more importantly to me - I can feel confident in my work.

The online classes are short. Like 8 weeks short. So you're getting a lot of information in a short amount of time. And there are no breaks for holidays (ex. Christmas). With the holiday's I have gotten a little behind and am playing catch up as quickly as I can! To say the least.

Plus the wedding is exactly 4 months away!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! To say I'm stressing about it..... well......... yeah......... we'll just leave it at that.

And in 38 days ----- YES 36 DAYS ---- Marine will be out of the Marines and home! So he is busy turning in gear and getting everything in line. He is also looking into (and seriously considering) joining the Marine Reserves...... yes that stress me a little to.

The reserves are 1 weekend a month, two weeks a year type of thing that he would go about an hour and half south of our town to train. If he does this he will change his MOS from infantry to something else. Which is a blessing at least.

The main reason Marine is considering this for the insurance benefits. It's no secret that we want kids within the next 2 to 3 years. I don't have insurance through work and when Marine gets out he will be going to school full time and working part time - so no insurance there. In case you didn't know (which I'm sure you did) heath insurance is expensive!

This is his reasoning.

It makes sense.

Yet I still don't feel good about the decision. Perhaps because I know it's not really what he wants to do..... but when I mention that part he just replies "I think it's what will be best for us. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our family. This is whats best for our family."

Oh Marine how I love thee.

So there you have it. Please be patient with me while I play catch up and then I'll catch you up soon :)

Sound Off! Let me know your thoughts!


Date Girl said...

That's great that you're going back to school for the web design thing. That will hopefully open doors for a better career that you really like!

As for Marine, oh girl I feel you. That has got to be rough. I'd be very iffy on the reserve thing too, just because it could mean he might have to be deployed again. It's admirable, but I can definitely understand your reservations.

It's something I struggle with regarding Match's career choice. Sure it's great for our future family, good pay, great benefits and insurance. But if he gets shot and killed in the line of duty...well then that just tears our family apart. I guess all we can do is stand by them and their decision to serve our country, each in their own way, and pray they'll always be safe.

E said...

You are very right! Date Girl I meant to comment on this when I first read it weeks ago (sorry)!