Thursday, February 10, 2011

LOL Convo's

Vixen and I on our way to eat Mexican:

Pull up to the restaurant. I reach in my purse and pull out a bag of Chocolate covered pretzels and place them on the cup holders.

Vixen bursting into laughter, "Some things never change."

Nameless person:

"Do you know how much a trans-gendered hooker goes for on Craigslist? I do."

Vixen & I:

"Can your wedding dress be taken up?"

"The seamstress seems to think so."

"Thats good cause it was big on me so I know it had to be on you."

Strange look from me....

"What you have things delivered to my house and expect me not to try them on? Come on you know if its there over 2 days I'm gonna try it on."

I burst into laughter.

"Is it strange I tried on your wedding dress before you did?" 

"No it would have probably been stranger if you hadn't," I reply honestly.

Boss to co-worker:

"Sounds like you need a Grey Goose & Cranberry day."


Co-Worker text to me:


"I'm already at work."

"Well I'm snowed in."

"No your not."

"Ok I'm not. But I'm declaring myself a snow day!"


phoebe said...

those were def lol moments. i chuckled out loud! thanks for the smile :-)

Date Girl said...

ha, nice. I would have tried on the dress too.reminds me of that friends episode where the girls are all wearing wedding dresses after Monica tries on Emilia dress.

phoebe said...

omg! i love that friends episode! where all 3 girls are sitting around in wedding dresses. i can picture it now :-)