Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Cupid!

Love is in the air!

At least at my house it is.....

Marine received his golden ticket yesterday releasing him from the Marine Corps. He arrived home a little after 6 and let me tell you his cute smile was a site for sore eyes.

It still doesn't feel real that he doesn't have to go back.

The older I get the less important Valentine's Day is to me...... why is that?

Remember in high school when you could order carnations that would be delivered during class? They did that at my school anyway. I remember anxiously awaiting just hoping that my 'at the moment' crush would send me a flower.

Thinking back I don't really ever remember receiving one of those coveted flowers from a boy. I do remember receiving them (and sending them) from best friends.

I remember my first Valentine's with a boyfriend. Oh the excitement that it would be. And then the disappointment that followed upon realizing he was far from the prince charming I wanted him to be.

Some of my best Valentine's memories are not of boys, but of memories with my friends; Giggles, Blondie, Vivi, and Vixen.

Funny to reminisce.

Cupid knew what he was doing though when he shot Marine with that arrow. Not sure what today will hold for us, but I'm hoping its a night at home making diner together!!

Followed by the German Chocolate 'surprise' cake I made for him yesterday before he got home!

Happy Valentine's Day!


One of The Guys said...

Hurray for the Golden Ticket!

Happy V Day! Have fun.

Date Girl said...

That is the best Valentine's Gift you could have ever hoped for. I think Match and I are having a very similar Valentine's Day, except I'll be doing all of the cooking. ;-)
Vday was always so disappointing when I was younger, so I have definitely put little to no emphasis on the holiday as I've gotten older. If Match ends up doing something for me, awesome. But if not, that's ok too.

phoebe said...

omg. you were totally reading my mind. my hs did that thing with the flowers too. not once did a boy get me one... but instead my best friends and vice versa.

like you and date girl, vday was always a disappointment. it never was what the movies showed it to be.


i think you had the best vday! your marine is home. and home for good! yay yay :-)