Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post It Note Tuesday

Only Parent Chronicles


Date Girl said...

Aww just in time for Valentine's Day! Do you guys have big plans?

Yay, I want to see pictures of the dress. Are you going to show us? I remember you showing us a picture of it a long time ago, but not one with you wearing it (I don't think). Exciting stuff! Any word on the venue?

phoebe said...

<3 happy february <3

i'm glad that you're in the homestretch of when your man comes home. for good.

have you been working on the basement apartment much?

E said...

Date Girl, surprisingly I don't even have a picture of me in the dress!! Eek!! I'll take one when I go back for the next fitting though :)

And no big V-day plans yet. Probably a lazy 1st night at home with diner and a movie! Thats what sounds perfect to me ;)

And Phoebe, the basement is coming along I've got a little more to do this weekend and then everything else will have to be done by Marine when he gets home. Example putting down the carpet..... lol :)