Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Inspires Me

I know your all like "Omg! Not another wedding post!!!"

Well tough. The topics of my life right now are: wedding, school, VA paperwork, work........ ***crickets chirping*** and yeah that's about it. Trust me you want to hear the wedding stuff versus the other!

So as I've stated before Marine and I are going for a low key simple wedding summer BBQ type theme. Cause in essence, thats us!

If you have read my blog much you know that at the moment I'm totally hooked on Mason Jars {previous Post, or this post or my deployment package cakes in a jar}!

Since Marine's mom and grandma can soups and stuff every year they have a ton of jars I can borrow.

This fits our budget (free) and gives me the chance to be creative. Here are some pictures I have found that inspire me.

Mason Jar Luminaries

Jeanna and Wes' Outdoor Summer Wedding

My plan is to have mason jars with flowers hanging from Shepard Hooks going down the aisle and then I think I'll place them with candles in them around for the reception. Plus I plan on using them as center pieces on the tables with flowers in them.

The drink table (non alcoholic) will have pretty containers like this with Lemonade and Sweet Tea:

I plan on using plastic cups - for clean up purposes - but thought about putting a few mason jars out that could be used for glasses. Something like this, minus the "howdy straws"

I LOVE this idea but not sure where I could find the barrels......

I also saw this idea this was cute:

We had planned on setting tubs around with ice and having soft-drinks and beer in those but this is another cute lemonade idea.

Now this maybe going a tad over board....... and you can be honest and tell me if it is...... but I'm also thinking of using mason jars as favors. If I have the time. 

While Marine was deployed I made cakes and breads in Mason Jars and sent to him in care packages. Everybody thought that was the neatest thing and would always ask questions.

I enjoyed baking in the jars and being able to send Marine a little bit of home. The packages containing these tasty treats were Marine's favorite (especially the strawberries and cream bread) along with the buddies he would share them with.

So the Mason Jars have a special meaning to me. I'm sentimental, I know. 

Since everybody always thought it was so neat I thought about getting small jars and baking something in them. Then decorating them up with some fabric and tying a ribbon around them with a thank you note attached. I would then place these on the table at the reception. 

What do you think? Cute? Or to much?

I couldn't find pictures of my exact idea..... but here are a few Mason Jar Favors.

This idea with jam is cute...

Let me know your thoughts!!!

Next post I will tell you about the ceremony and then you may see why these are going to tie in so well with my relaxed country BBQ theme ;)

Here's a sneak peak:

Ross: The wedding book? I haven't seen that since the forth grade!
Monica: This baby has got everything. Take, you know, locations, for instance. First, organized alphabetically; then geographically; then by square footage.
Phoebe: That is so smart! [Whispering to Chandler:] Break it off. Break it off now!
~ Friends ~


Date Girl said...

Ha, as if I could EVER get tired of wedding posts. :-)

Love the mason jar idea, and no I don't think they're overkill at all. I would advise that you do put something in that won't spoil and that you can prepare ahead of time, like jam, honey, or something along those lines. The cakes sound great, but I can just picture you frantically baking just days before the wedding. You don't need that kind of stress!!

I love love love the candles in the jars. That's going to be so pretty!

E said...

Thank you :) And the cakes actually keep for like 2 months! So I could make them in advance. Think we may do a candy bar though instead.