Monday, February 7, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Whew what a whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday night I went to diner with Red, Hollywood and Hollywood's BF. I hadn't gotten to hang out with Hollywood much lately so it was great to see her! And her new Beau is great! {well maybe not new they've been together nearing a year now I think}.

Red cracks me up. I keep telling her she needs to write a book, even if its only one liners. We have another friend that works with Red who is mid-30's and has a daughter who is about 10. After receiving a text from mutual friend Friday night Red says, "You know your social life has hit an all time low when your sitting in a church parking lot with two ten year olds cause the coupon meeting was to full for you to get in."

I start laughing historically.

Red, "I'm sorry if thats cruel but it's the truth!"


Saturday morning I awoke early to head to the gym.

Yes you read that right. I got up at 8 a.m. to go to the gym!

Giggles has been bugging me encouraging me all week to go to Zubma with her. It was a new class the gym was starting and Giggles was convinced we needed to be a part of it.

I myself wasn't as convinced. I mean I workout everyday at the barn. Kinda, sorta. I mean carrying hay bales and cleaning stalls is really a good upper body workout.

But cardio?? My normal thought would be "oh I'm in good shape I mean I ran Cross Country and Track in high school...." But reality hit a few weeks ago and I now realize that with high school being ten years ago I may not be in as good of shade as my mind would think me to be.

Zumba kicked my booty. BIG time.

Somewhere during the dance to My Elevator I look at Giggles and gasp, "I love you!"

She starts laughing as we sway side to side swinging our arms, "What?"

"Just thought I should tell you in case I die in here!!!"

Lesson learned: Just cause your skinny does not mean your in shape.

Sunday I worked on several projects I have going on (projects meaning website jobs). And then I headed to the basement to start cleaning. It's crunch time people! Marine will be home Sunday and I need to have everything out so that he can start painting and laying down the new flooring. 

I stumble upon a box of pictures that I need to transfer from the old box they are in into a new plastic storage container. 

I get distracted easily......

Very easily.......

Which means I had to sit down and look thru all pictures as I transfered them.

Think of it as self-discovery.

Did you buy that? Yeah Marine didn't either....

Let me introduce you to little E.....

I was stylish even at an early age. Knowing the importance of sunglasses and taking your best friend with you EVERYWHERE. I mean the one accessory that never goes out of style is friends. Except maybe in this case....

And I may or may not have had an attitude:

And I was a book nerd even at an early age.... Proof I've always enjoyed a good read. 

Despite my little trip down memory lane I did get a bunch done.

That was the high point of the weekend. The low point came when Marine called Saturday while I was at lunch with Giggles (yes after Zumba a grilled chick-fil-a sandwich seemed perfectly necessary). He called to say his unit was being recalled. Recalled. I froze.

"The unit is getting recalled."

That's right the guys have been home just a little over 90 days and they're already being recalled. Marine explains that he's safe. He's already turned in his gear thank goodness and the majority of his papers have been signed. I could tell he was a little torn between wanting to come home and wanting to go with his guys. 

I understood. 

 (I know I'm vague and that doesn't explain much but can't say more at this time). 

I feel so sorry for the guys and their families. I mean I know thats what they signed up for but still. One wife commented, 'Three and a half years and three deployments. I spend more time missing you than seeing you."

Reading that broke my heart. You just never realize how lucky you are. So many things we take for granted and times spent with loved ones. Think of those that make sacrifices. Not just military families, but police families, firefighter families, etc. All these people make sacrifices for the rest of us. And what do they ask of us in return? Nothing. 

I know I ramble, but this is just something near and dear to my heart. 

Semper Fi


Date Girl said...

Omg. I feel so bad for the other wives, but I'm so relieved he doesn't have to go. My heart stopped for a second. I can certainly identify with that wife. Match and I have always struggled with his schedule and I know it's only going to get worse when he's done with academy. Academy has actually been the most time we've ever seen each other and I am trying to soak up every last weekend before he goes back to working nights. But we love them. They're worth every sacrifice.

Date Girl said...

PS those childhood pictures are adorable. Who knew you were a little blondie? Love the horse picture, that cracked me up.

phoebe said...

thank goodness that marine is done done done. that's the last thing you need right now--him to go back.

like date girl, my heart stopped for just a second when i saw 'recalled'.

such cute little e pics!! i bet you had fun going through them :-) thank you for sharing them with us.

E said...

Thanks girls :) And Date Girl I know it has to be hard having such hectic schedules!

And Phoebe my heart dropped to! But very relieved he's not going!