Friday, March 11, 2011

Check, Check, Check!

57 days!!!

57 days to pull it all together. 

Lots to do, lots to do!

I am checking things off this list though!

We have the officiant booked..... kinda last minute I know. But Marine and I were torn between who to use but decided to go with the preacher from the church we now attend and who is also a member of our saddle club so he knows us both well. I am happy with this choice :)

I have ordered the ring bear's boards I wrote about in this post.

Square Ring Bearer Board, Romantic Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Bridal Accessories, Bridal Gift, Custom Wedding, Personalized Wedding, Ring Bearer Pillow, Wedding Sign
{Date Girl I agree I could maybe have made these myself but right now I just don't have the extra time! If you were closer I would have assigned you to that task! lol}

I ordered 2 since I have 2 ring bearers. The first one will look like the above expect with our information but I'm not sure what to put on the second one...... Cheryl @ MyPrimitiveBoutique  told me she could put anything I wanted one it. Any suggestions? After the wedding I plan to hang them on the wall with our wedding pictures. So whats something that would look cute?

Went to Michael's last night and got the flower girl baskets.
Yes, I said baskets... because we also have 2 flower girls. The baskets were $3.99 each and I bought some ribbon to dress them up some. These will be cute and casual. I'm thinking of maybe painting it though and adding some ribbon or something. Something like this:
Woodland Outdoor Rustic Linen Wedding SET OF 2 MATCHING Ring Bearer Pillow and Flower Girl Basket with Personalized Chalkboard Tag You Customize Flowers Plum/Purple shown

Or maybe leave it natural but dress it up a little like this except with my flowers:

We'll see I'll come up with something creative.

I also was able to find a guitar player! I haven't mentioned this yet but I am very excited! I have been looking for someone to play the guitar while guests are seated, during the processional and then during the recessional.  

Here are a few songs I told her I liked so that she could get an idea of what I was looking for.

Listen to the guitar in this song. I really like the upbeat temp.

Again just listen to the guitar. I like this song for when I come riding up on Miss B. I love the upbeat :)

Not sure yet what song I want to do for when I actually walk down the aisle.

I like this song for the recessional though:

Any thoughts? 

I have also ordered the champagne flutes ----- what's up with all the tacky, ugly choices? -- I went for simple flutes from Crate and Barrel.

Plain Jane, I know. I prefer to think simply classy.

I also ordered the cake cutter and knife. Again simple. 

I've got the garters, the candles for the mason jar's, the flower petals for down the aisle, and the things to assemble the programs I'm going to make.

Now 57 days to work on the other million+ things on the list :)


Cara said...

Congrats on your engagement! Those 57 days will go by way too fast! I remember enjoying all the wedding planning details and being overwhelmed by it all at the same time. Happy planning!

Date Girl said...

Can I just say how much I love the wedding posts? I'm so excited for you. 57 days!! That's so soon.

I love that you went with the boards. Yes I would have loved to do them for you, but this will be great and you'll know they're done exactly the way you want them. Maybe for the second one some part of your wedding vows could be on it? Or maybe one of your favorite quotes about love? Get Marine's input. Those are going to look so cute on the wall with your wedding pics!

I love the baskets. They look pretty painted, but natural might go better with your hay bales (if you're still doing those) and then with flowers for a little color.

I like the idea of simple flutes versus anything super fancy. You can reuse these and they're not crazy cheesy. You will barely even notice them the day of. I remember toasting my champagne and then being so keyed up with energy I hardly drank out of it!

Love that you're having a guitar. My cousin played guitar for us, and it was so mellow and fun.

phoebe said...

57 days?!?! where has the time gone? i feel like you just met marine!

i love what you've done so far. it will all come out super perfect.