Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of The Irish and Spring Fever

I love spring.

I love everything about it.

I love the blue sky, the green grass, the light breeze, the warm sun.

I love the earth coming alive again after a winter of hibernation.

I don't even mind the allergies that come along with all this blooming because in reality it's small price to pay for the beauty that we are surrounded with.

Just outside my office
Now if the work clock would just pass a little more quickly so that I could get out and enjoy it!


Do you have your green on?

I sure do. And if I recall I may or may not have told Ford-Wife the other night after drinks that we had to celebrate tonight because I'm a leprechaun......................

See what happens when I drink?

Hey I'm short and I'm Irish so it's not totally unbelievable. 

I would love to go out tonight for green beer, but unfortunately (or thankfully) I have to much work to do. 

Remember that website job I told you about awhile back? Yeah I'm still not done with it. I decided to step away from the project a few days so I could then re-approach it with a clear mind. 

Does that ever work for you?

Well it didn't for me.

Last night I opened it up and spent about an hour going in circles and getting nothing done.

I'm normally a creative person. I think best in the morning. By the end of the day all my creative energy is zapped. 

Maybe that's it.

I'm also the type that gets bored easily. And I'm bored with this project. Maybe that's it. I'm bored with the dull pictures, etc.

Either way one thing I am not is a quitter.

So it will get done. Hopefully by this weekend. That's my new deadline to myself.

Wish me luck...... or maybe a miracle. 

Or maybe both. Yeah both would be good.

I have people calling me left and right for little design jobs; flyers, t-shirts. It's great! I enjoy doing these jobs even though I know I don't charge enough. I can't say no either. It's like something in my body is coded so that I cannot say no.

But that has to stop. I still have to many wedding projects to finish! EEEK!!!

So last night was a first. I had someone ask me about a website job and I said no. 

Ok thats I lie. I said not at the moment. I told them I would love to do it for them but that right now now my plates just to full and that I'm booked till May. 

I'm such a kiss-@ss people pleaser I hated even saying that when in fact it was the truth. 

Just so you can get an idea my plans for the weekend are:

Friday Night
  • Painting the house so we can get it done hopefully soon 
  • Designing a flyer and a t-shirt logo.

  • Saddle club event from 8 am till 11 am 
  • Blondie's couple shower that I have to get to and start setting up by 12.
  • Stay for shower and clean up should be out of there by 5.
  • Taking Marine-Sis and Vixen to look for Bridesmaids dresses
  • Depending on time home more work on the house
  • Meeting wedding coordinator to get the flowers for the wedding
  • Working on Wedding programs
  • Working on and completing above mentioned website
  • Laying carpet in house if painting is done
  • Trip to Home Depot to order new flooring for Kitchen and Bathroom
Of course mixed with these things are the basics such as eating, sleeping, and taking of the horses.

Yeah to sum it up I'm really a Jack of All Trades a master of none!!

Maybe one day I'll get my act completely together. 

"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot"
Ashleigh Brilliant
Also prayers to all those in Japan. I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Date Girl said...

Wow you've got so much on your plate. You don't have your bridesmaid dresses yet?! EEP! Hopefully you find the perfect ones this weekend and share them with us. :-)

good for you for saying not right now. Post wedding you will get the post-wedding hum drums (I know I did big time!) and a project then will be perfect. But for now focus on your wedding and your home with Marine. SO excited for you!