Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Update ~ Flowers & Rings --- CHECK!

This past Sunday we went to meet with our wedding coordinator, Kelly, to pick out flowers.

When I say the words "wedding coordinator" it makes me feel like our wedding is some huge event where money is no object.

I mean think Wedding Planner.

Makes my simple wedding seem extravagant. And at times I have to remind her that we want it simple.... but other than that, Kelly has been WONDERFUL! A co-worker had originally recommended her to me and I am so glad I listened. If you hire her to do your flowers she will also be your coordinator for a very minimal fee.

Marine is all about the budget and even he saw this as a good deal. And for Mr. "we don't need favors" {overruled} and "we don't need a dance floor" {compromised} this is a big deal.

Based on pictures I have seen of previous weddings she has done we agreed to go with silk flowers. They are more affordable and the bouquets she made looked beautiful!

I had sworn to myself I wanted fresh flowers. I love the smell and look of fresh flowers. But I figured this would be a big way to save so we went for it.

Here is a picture of an arrangement she has done...

Looking at flowers was fun but who knew there were so many options!!!!

I don't even really know all the names of the flowers I picked..... is that bad?

The bridesmaids bouquets will be magnolia's with red hydrangea's mixed in for color.

Sounds weird but it looked really good together! At first I wasn't completly sold on the magnolia's but they were my mom's favorite and she said they were perfect for the "southern style" wedding we are having.

So this......

with a little this red.....

Sounds crazy. I know. But together it looked really pretty.

Now my bouquet is a mix of several things I liked. Can't even begin to tell you what the different flowers were. I'm so excited about seeing the finished project though!

Also this week Marine went and got our wedding bands. We had scoped out the ones we liked already but the owner of the local store was not in the day we went. Marine went back to speak with her, because let's face it Marine likes to haggle prices when he can. {My dad would so have loved him for this}. Which is good because it ended up saving us about $700. Go Marine!

The only downfall this week was that the guitar player Babbles had lined up for me to play during the ceremony fell thru. Which is ok. I'm going to compile a list of songs for the DJ to play, no big deal. The guitar player would have been charmingly romantic though.

This weekend is our His & Her's shower. It is going to be outdoor luau themed. This week has been so nasty and rainy I was a little worried, but luckily the forecast is now predicted to be sunny and 68. *Fingers Crossed* I'm excited. I'm weired, we already know this, but I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone more than I am the gifts. Don't get me wrong I'm excited about the gifts but all our friends stay so busy it's sometimes hard for all of us to get together. And lets face it I love my friends! lol

I'm still working on a few other cute ideas. Little Miss DIY I've become. And the new place is coming along great! Hopefully Saturday will also be our first night staying there. Marine spent the day putting down the new flooring in the bathroom and kitchen. It's starting to look more like a home. I promise I'll post pictures soon!! I'm waiting to knock your socks off though with the finished thing ;)

Phoebe(Yelling) Monica I can't do it like this! This is my wedding! Okay, I don't want this (Mimes hand twirling gesture), or this (taps watch), or this (Mimes "cut" motion)Okay? I just wanted a simple wedding. Where my fiancé can 
go to the bathroom anytime he wants!
~ Friends ~


Date Girl said...

Outdoor Luau is a really fun theme! I had so much fun at my shower and yes, gifts were great but definitely not the high point. I think toilet paper bride was the best part of my day.

Those flowers look great, and you can't even tell they aren't the real thing. Great job Marine for getting those prices down. :-)

phoebe said...

have fun at your shower! hard to believe that your wedding is just around the corner!!