Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ramp Hunting

Taken from Google Images
Last Sunday Marine and I met with his ENTIRE family to go ramp hunting.

What is a ramp?
A ramp is a wild onion. 

We hiked about 3 miles back into the woods before arriving at a hillside covered in green. 
It was a gorgeous day! And the hike in was beautiful. Here are a few pictures from the day.....

Bear claw marks on a tree

Heidi enjoying the day

Marine and I with our bags of ramps


Date Girl said...

Beautiful place to hike. I have never heard of ramps before. Sounds tasty!

So I have to ask, didn't you have another dog? A jack russell of some sort? Or was that your mom's dog? Your German Sheppard is a gorgeous dog! I love her smile. said...

very great images but the strange thing that we did not see your face and the most strange is that I have a friend called Heidi Just Like ur dog

very beautiful blog full of Humanity feelings hope you get married soon if this is the right choice and hope you all the goodness

I add your Natural Blog to my favourites in my website

phoebe said...

i've never heard of ramps either! how did you know where to go searching for them? what do you make with them?