Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Standing At The Crossroads

Sometimes in life we stand at a crossroads. 

When that time comes we all asks ourselves a question we have no way of knowing the answer to, "Which path is the right one to take?"
~ E. ~

Life happens fast.

And mine seems like a whirlwind lately!!

So lets update.

The wedding will be here in 25 days. 3 weeks.
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Wow, I have so much last minute little details to do!

Plus a zillion other things it seems!!

Marine also started school last week. He is going to farrier school (a.k.a. horse shoeing school).

They offer a 2 week program, a 6 week program and a 12 week program.

Since the G.I. bill covers the tuition Marine is taking the 12 week course. Today starts his second week. After this week though he will take off till after the honeymoon and then start back up.

The class week is Wednesday thru Sunday and then he is off Monday and Tuesday. The school is about 2 hours away and board is included in the tuition so with the price of gas so high he has been staying over during the school week.

So far he is enjoying it. Which I am so glad!

Now for me?

Well remember those crossroads I mentioned earlier?

Yeah I'm standing there unsure of which way to go.

When I started my current job I took it with the idea in mind that it was only temporary till I could find something else...... that has been 3 years ago come July.

Now at first I wasn't to crazy about the job. But I've actually come to really enjoy it. I like the change of pace and I love all the people that I work with. Not to mention I have GREAT bosses.

But in the past year it has gone from 40 hours a week to 32. I still get benefits (vacation time, and personal time) as if I were working 40 hours though.

When i got cut back I just picked up a second part time job.

Not the most ideal situation but its worked.

I still new that this job was just that.... a job. It's not a career. It's not something I see myself doing in 5 years.

Its more like I'm in a comfort zone and until something better comes along I'm content staying right where I'm at.

I know this isn't the best attitude to have and I think it really all boils down to the fear of failure.

Silly I know.

And that I'm not a big fan of change.

However this week I have been presented with a job opportunity. The company that Blondie works for is looking for a full time person.

The pros:

  • It's a steady 40 hours a week. 
  • It's Monday thru Friday
  • They offer paid Vacation Hours
  • They offer insurance that would not only cover me but Marine also
The con's

  • It would pay a $1 less an hour than I make now
  • It's would be a commute of about an hour and half --- so have to figure in rising gas prices
If I were to be totally honest I really don't think its a job I would like. It's the same thing everyday. But I don't know till I try. 

The bottom line is it would give us insurance. Something which would save us about $600 a month. Plus if I have a job with insurance I know Marine won't join the reserves. Something I really don't want him to do.

The only other reason I hesitate is because Blondie says they would want me to start the end of April. 

A new job a week before the wedding? Thats a lot of extra stress.

Plus what about the honeymoon? I'm sure you have to work there so long before the vacation time kicks in.... Right now I have over 90 hours of paid time off saved up at my current job. I had planned on using some of this for the honeymoon and to take off the day before the wedding. I really can't go a week without a paycheck......

Ahhh what to do what to do.

All of these are questions I will address at the interview. But of course I worry about all the angles upfront. I mean heck they may not even offer me the job! But what if they do?

Which path is the right one to take? Do I stay at the job I enjoy? Or do I take a job that would be best for our family?


phoebe said...

man! i had this whole long comment typed out... and it didn't take!

i think the gist of it was... that my opinion was to keep the job that you have... for the new job, you'd be spending 3 hours a day commuting... times 5 days a week which means 15 hours in the car commuting and 15 hours less that you could be home with marine... plus the rise of gas prices and less pay are certainly not pros and really don't benefit you or your new life.

i think that if you have it good where you are now, why rock the boat. perhaps a better job closer to home will show up when you least expect it. i fear that if you take this job, you won't be happy, especially with the commute...

good luck! i look forward to hearing how this pans out :-)

Date Girl said...

Phoebe, the same thing happened to me. My comment was EPIC too. At least, I think it was.
I basically echoed what Phoebe said. Just go with your gut on this one. Does your gut say you're going to hate this new job which is also no more a career than your current job? As a person who suffered through a horrible daily commute I can attest to just how bad it was. Even if it was the best job in the world, the commute really killed my enthusiasm.
Also, how much would it cost for Marine to be on his own insurance? When Match wasn't getting benefits he paid $100 per month for coverage. It wasn't the best coverage but it was something. With gas prices the way they are, you might break even with Marine paying out of pocket for coverage for now. Good luck with whatever you decide!