Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hurry, Hurry, Got To Get Done!

(Wrote Friday and Forgot to hit Publish --- Go figure!)

As I hurry to finish things for the wedding I thought I should perhaps share with you a little of what I've been working on and why I haven't been spending more time blogging!

When I say I have been playing Martha Stewart when it comes to all this wedding stuff, I'm not kidding!

Our favors are a actually thanks to a great little Martha Stewart project. I wanted to do something cute like pie in a jar.

But that was a little to time consuming and pricey.

Then I stumbled upon Martha's Seed Matchbook Favors.

Seed Matchbook Favors How-To

Martha has a template on her site but they were not in the colors I needed so I took the design and modified to something that would work for our wedding.

I used white card stock paper, ordered the Glassine envelopes off Ebay about a year ago when I found this project, and Marine and I picked out a wildflower seed mix at Lowe's. We purchased to bags of seeds just to be safe. 

The final project:

Roughly a 100 Black and Red seed packets!

They turned out so cute! Plus they were simple and budget friendly. The bags of seed were about $6 each so this whole project cost less than $20. Not bad for 100-something favors ( I say something cause I don't really remember how many I made!).

Of course I also got a little creative with the programs....... 

When looking online for ideas I stumbled upon Intimate Weddings and there DIY on how to make a fan program puzzle. 

diy wedding programs fan

I thought this was a cute idea and work out perfect for our outside wedding!!!

Again I had to modify, because that's just how I roll. lol 

So I took their basic idea and expanded on changing the design so as best to fit us.

I did half of the programs with a crossword on the back and half with a mad lib.

Some tips though...... they do not sell golf pencils with a pre-drilled hole.

So I made do with a hot glue gun and think it turned out quite well!

Also Marine and I have made these hangers to go on the Mason Jars that will hang along the aisle. 

I have to hand it to Marine for stepping up and helping. I know that helping with wedding decorations is not the most manly thing to do and I know there was other stuff that he would have rather been doing but he still put everything aside to help get things done for the wedding.

Ok.... thats's my update! Now back to work!!


Date Girl said...

These are awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of your big day. The matchbooks are so clever, and I love those programs. Though I hope no one was bored enough during the ceremony to be using them then. ;-) Love that Marine helped. Good man! You should marry him! hehehe.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh wow, what cute wedding giveaways!

phoebe said...

such creative ideas!

Tiffany said...

How did you modify the matchbooks?