Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Next Chapter Begins With "I Do"


Thats the only way to sum up the wedding. 

Everything was just like we wanted. Everything went smoothly and everyone had fun.

It was perfect!

And if there was some mishap no one told me about it ;)

Saturday morning I awoke early and showered. With my hair wrapped up in a towel I took my time as I went around making sure that I had everything and double checking that it was all packed in the bags by the door.

Most things had been taken up yesterday but there are always those few things that get forgotten about. Plus I had the bags with the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids gifts. 

The Groomsmen gifts were so cute, I thought! Marine got each guy a small bottle of Gentleman Jack and a cigar and then we placed those inside cigar boxes. Each box was a little different. And the guys loved them!

The bridesmaids gifts were a combination of things. First I purchased black tote bags from Oriental Trading and then in Photoshop I created a layout and printed it onto iron on transfer paper, ironed them on and WAHLA! Each bridesmaids bag was customized with their name and the meaning of their name. They were all the same layout but I also changed up the color trying to make the background each girl's favorite color.

They turned out so good! Inside each bag was a bottle of wine, a Bath & Body works purse size lotion and hand sanitizer, Mason Jars with Bath Salt that I fixed up and something for them to wear the day of the wedding. I saw these little rings on Etsy and loved them! I ordered them with black bands and ivory flowers.

Reserved for mes3010

I also made Alice and Red a bag and gave them a ring as well as their gifts for keeping the guest book and passing out programs.

Vixen and Blondie arrived at the house about 9 a.m. Chick-fil-a mini's in hand. The curling iron's and rollers were plugged in and we quickly got to work. 

By 11 we were leaving the house and I was texting everyone to tell them we were heading to the wedding location.

I stopped along the way and picked up Roomy-Wife so she could spend the day with us instead of the boys. Of course I had forgotten the wine to drink while we got ready, because of course you have to forget something on a day like this!

No worries though. Roomy-Wife and I picked up a chicken finger tray, a bottle of wine and stuff for mimosa's. Yep we were ready! lol

Once we arrived at the Cabin we the other girls were there already getting ready and scrambling around. Hollywood sat me down and started on my makeup. I was transformed formed from my previous plain Jane state. The make-up was subtle but really made my eyes pop. I have to admit, I'm not sure I had ever looked more beautiful. 

Then it was time for the dress. With help from Vixen, LC, Giggles and Nurse Betty I was able to step into the dress and then it was time to slide on my boots...

The day went so smoothly and we stayed on schedule all day! Which is pretty hard to believe! Pictures started at 1 p.m.

My Bridesmaids and I went first. We had quite a large wedding party...... On the bridesmaid side was Giggles (matron of honor), Vixen, Nurse Betty, Hollywood, LC, Blondie, Conscious, and Babbles.

They all looked beautiful! Instead of having them get identical dresses (which our way to expensive) I had told them to all just wear a knee length black dress. The affect was beautiful. 

After our pictures I was whisked back upstairs to wait while it was the guys turn to take pictures. 

Me & Giggles enjoying a Mimosa
The girls were all afraid I was going to spill something on my dress, because lets face it my Klutz track record is not so good, so they made me put the robe I had worn during hair and make up on over my dress.

I said it made me feel like a boxer! lol

Everything was done, now it was just time to wait. I of course paced a little, anxious to get the show on the road.

Not once though was I ever nervous. I was so calm and relaxed the entire day. I think it helped that everything was on schedule and I wasn't having to rush for anything. 

Also my dress was so comfortable it was easy to be relaxed.

At 3:45 I headed downstairs and outside to wear Miss B awaited.

She stood so patiently like she knew that today was different than every other day. It was special.

I swung up on her and Vixen arranged my dress before heading back inside to wait on her cue. 

I road Miss B down the road a short ways so that I would be out of site of the house and the guests. 

I was so anxious.

I'm not very good at waiting.

Miss B as if sensing turned around and touched her nose to my boot. She twitched her upper lip across the top of my boot while looking up at me. Her way of telling me "It's ok, we got this."

And with that lip twitch a wave of calm once again washed over me. 

I leaned down over her neck stroking her flowing mane. 

I couldn't believe this was all really happening. Her I was astride Miss B in a beautiful wedding dress about to marry the man of my dreams.

How did I get so lucky?

From where I sat I could hear the music playing telling me that my bridesmaids were now making their way from the cabin to the ceremony below. Then I could hear the laughter rise from the crowd. I smiled to myself as I pictured one of my ring bearers (Hollywood's son) heading down the aisle in his wolverine mask. 

And then I heard the music change and it was my song. 

"Ok Miss B, lets go." I tapped her sides slightly with my boot heel and guided her around the cabin and down into the grass. 

As we rode along a million things crossed my mind, the main one being 'please let me dismount without flashing anyone'.

Luckily I was able to do so and then handed Miss B off to a friend before proceeding to where Mom awaited me.

We held hands and proceeded down the aisle to wear she gave me away to Marine. 

The ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point - just the way we wanted it.

When the Preacher said "You May Kiss Your Bride" I expected a soft quick kiss..... boy was I wrong!

Marine grabbed me tightly and nearly swept me off my feet as he dipped me back and kissed me. We both came up laughing at the surprise.

We headed back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Marine both just smiling from ear to ear.

Afterward we did some group pictures and a few quick shots of the two of us. Honestly we didn't spend that much time doing pictures because we didn't want to keep our guests waiting.

We had said the reception should start without us and boy did it ever!!

When we walked up the hill the drinks were already flowing and the food was nearly gone. We had prepared for a 100 guests when in reality we ended up having around 130. 

But it was ok. The DJ was in full swing and everyone seemed to be having a great time!

Upon our arrival the DJ asked us to come to the dance floor where he explained the story behind our First Dance song and how Marine had chosen it while he was in Afghanistan. The song was Josh Turner's Soulmate.

Marine and I danced and then the rest of the wedding party joined in.

Afterward the party really started! I danced so much my feet hurt.

Everyone kept telling us it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

Between dancing Marine and I tried to mingle and talk to everyone. Talk about exhausting!

Then Vixen called for a toast.

She got a little chocked up and nearly made me cry. As the tears welled up in my eyes I had to remind myself I wasn't sure if my face was waterproof!! I dabbed at my eyes trying hard not to let the tears fall.

Next up was Hollywood who gave a funny toast about my and Marine's first date.

Then Ford Guy took the microphone and with a deep breath started his toast of marriage advice for Marine. It was hilarious, I will have to see if I can get a copy of it from him.

After the toast we headed over to cut the cake.

Bridal Cake

Grooms Fishing Cake
I wish I could tell we I knew from personal taste testing that this cakes were delicious. Sadly this is not the case. Marine and I even forgot to feed each other cake!! WHOOPS! lol

Marine and I were so busy we didn't get a chance to eat any of the food or cake. But from what we were told it was all delicious. At least we had some cake left over so we could decide for ourselves ;)

We danced the night away. I had so much fun! And I love Marine's Marine friends. They are just the best group of guys. And 2 of them were definitely the life of the party, dancing the entire time and encouraging everyone else to dance.

Roomy Wife about my girls, "You have the best group of friends! They are all so nice."

They are the best and I am so lucky to have them!! They truly made our day wonderful!

At the end of the night on the way back home Marine and I realized we had not eaten all day and stopped at McDonald's Drive-Thru where we ordered 2 double cheeseburger combo's and large sweet tea's....

Marine, "Happy Wedding Dinner! Maybe we should have sprung for the supersize......" lol

More to come................

Lily: So that's what happened to the bouquet. Well, good for Victoria, that's an evil tradition.
Ted: So wait, you're not gonna have one at your wedding?
Lily: Hell, yeah, I'm gonna throw that flower grenade and yell "Crawl for it, Bitches!" 


phoebe said...


so many congrats to you and marine!!! i'm more than thrilled for the two of you and wish you tons of happiness.

i didn't realize your wedding was the same day as my friends wedding (to which i went to arkansas for).

Date Girl said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad to hear it was a wonderful day. :-) I love that you rode the horse. Did Marine say he's getting you a minivan still? Hehehe.