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Post It Note..... What Day is it? Wednesday?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honeymoon Part 2: What does Chocolate Covered Strawberries Have To Do With Australia?

Day 2

Day 2 was a day at sea.

Which means we pretty much ate all day long. True Story.

And can someone tell me why drinks taste better when they come with an umbrella?

After some roaming around the boat we decided to play some putt-putt. Yes, there was a putt-putt golf course on the ship! 

Taken from Google Image
I started out strong but Marine made a fierce comeback and beat me in the end. 

I blame it on to many of these.......

My homemade concoction.

Yes, I did a little research before going on the cruise to see how we could possible sneak on a little extra alcohol. Cause the drinks on board are great.... but they are sky high! I stumbled upon this site called Rum Runners Flask. Seemed simple enough and all the reviews were good so I took a chance and ordered the Spring Break Pack.

Marine and I filled half of them with Rum and half with Crown.

They worked great!! And I highly recommend them.

Marine and I still bought drinks on the boat but not near as much thanks to these little guys.

This day at sea was also when I made a slight fool of myself...

Don't even pretend to fain surprise.

That morning the boat's cruise director hosted a morning show that was aired on the onboard TV station. As Marine and I got ready for the day we had the TV on that station. Well I'm wondering around the room picking out my bathing suit, fiddling with my hair and such. Marine is in the shower and I'm half way listening to the TV.

The Cruise director is asking people to call in and guess where his co-host is from based on his accent.

I thought it was definitely an English accent or may Australian accent.

The Cruise director answers the line and I hear a guest guess a town in England. They tell her she is wrong.

For some crazy reason I decide to call in! I mean if England's wrong the guy's gotta to be from Australia. I picked up the phone and dialed the extension not really thinking I'd get through... But then the Cruise Director answers!

He starts off by asking me the typical questions:

CD, "So who are you cruising with?"
Me, "My husband Marine."
CD, "And is this a special occasion?"
Me, "Yes we are on our honeymoon!"

He congratulates us and then ask if I know the answer to the question.

"Australia!" I exclaim.

And the two Morning Show Hosts nearly fall out of their chairs laughing! And they continue laughing.

Immediately I realize that it's best not to try and answer a question that you never even heard.

I laugh, "Ok I admit I didn't really hear the question."

Turns out the question was what town in England was the Co-host from.


"Well at least I gave you guy's a good laugh this morning," I try to recover.
"That you did and just for that we are going to send you a consolation prize!!!"

Marine gets out of the shower and I tell him the story to which he just shakes his head and laugh's.

The consolation prize rocked!! And I'll be honest I was kinda glad I got the question wrong.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne!

So delicious!

But little did I know this show would re-air the entire cruise so even though Marine missed the live show he did get to see the replay..... at which he may have laughed harder than I have ever seen him laugh.

Yep I'm good like that ;)

Ticket Agent: Okay, Mr. Bing, you'll be in 25J,and Mrs. Bing, you're in 25K.
Monica: Oh, no, you see, um, we're on our honeymoon. So, um, can you do you're little thing and bump us up to first class?
Ticket Agent: I'm sorry, all the first class seats are taken. That couple got the last two.
Monica: You see, if we'd gone around them like I said, then she would have given us those tickets! Damn it!
Chandler: 25J and K. Any chance those aren't together?
~ Friends ~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Um Can We Say "To Young For Make-Up"

Have you seen this promo commercials?

Anyone else see anything wrong with this beside me?

Date Girl's Wedding Day Jitters

Ok anyone having problems with Blogger? I just realized that several posts I had scheduled to "post" during wedding week and honeymoon week never posted!!! How frustrating is that?!?!?!?!?! Here is a guest post that should have posted on May 16th from my lovely friend Date Girl. So sorry Date Girl!!!!

While the lovely E is away on her honeymoon ( I didn't get one so I will try not to pout too much, lucky biatch, hehe) she asked me to share with you a story from my wedding last year. 

This is just a little advice for all you modest brides out there about how to tinkle in your wedding dress. 

The first time I had to pee in the dress I was mortified. I hadn't had a chance to consume enough champagne to get over my paralyzing fear of peeing in front of others. I am not the kind of girl who can undress easily in front of other women, and I am NOT the kind of girl who can accompany her girlfriends to the potty. It used to be worse. I used to have to turn on the faucet in the bathroom so people in the next room wouldn't hear me pee. I know, I'm slightly neurotic.
While getting into the dress, I knew I would have to be in just my panties and my "chicken cutlets". That is what I called my stick on bra that was there in case of a wardrobe malfunction. While I was standing there ready to step in the girls were laughing at me because I just kept saying, "This is my nightmare!" I'm modest what can I say? 


You can imagine that as awkward as I felt getting into the dress in front of others, that going tinkle was going to be traumatizing. So there I was, knowing I would need friends to help me hold my dress so I wouldn't get toilet water on it. Toilet water on your dress = not at all classy. What was I to do? So first I asked them to look away. But I was still pee shy and wouldn't you know it? I couldn't go. So I asked them to hum or sing loudly. This started the biggest giggle fest of the afternoon and I'm pretty sure terrified a girl who came in to use the restroom. 

The subsequent trips to the bathroom got a little easier  because a. I had more to drink and started to loosen up, and b. mostly because the girls knew the drill. They would immediately look away and start humming at the top of their lungs. And that ladies, is how pee shy girls do their business on the big day. You're welcome! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Honeymoon Part 1: It's Not A Honeymoon Till There's Cake

Friday May 13th was the kickoff to Honeymoon week. Marine and I got up early and got started on our road-trip. Yeah for a little more we could have flown to where the boat was leaving from...... but Marine and I like to road trip and stop at places along the way.
Call us weird. It's ok.

A little after noon we started to get hungry and agreed we wanted to stop and stretch our legs a bit and stop for lunch.

The signs for St. Augustine looked appealing so Marine pulled off the exit. I'll admit we had no clue where we were going. Then I spotted a sign reading "Cabo Taco". We can always eat Mexican so Marine pulled in. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! 

If you're ever in the area try it. You won't be sorry!

After more driving we finally arrived at our destination and checked into our hotel room for the night. It was about 2pm when we arrived. We were both exhausted from all the hectics excitement of the past few weeks and figured we would take a quick power nap and then get up and go explore before diner.

What was meant to be about an hour nap kinda lasted a little longer than planned..... Like 5 hours longer!

We had both needed the sleep so it was very refreshing. We went out and explored the town a little, did a little shopping and then ate a quick diner before heading back to the room..... where we laid in bed and just watched TV. Such a simple thing. But something we never have time to do at home.

Marine joked, "You realize we had to drive nearly 9 hours to just lay in bed and watch TV?"

Saturday was Cruise Day!!! We were so excited. After a quick stop at Wal-Mart for some more sunblock we were ready to head off to the boat.

After waiting in lines and checking in we were able to go aboard. Since we had some time before we could check into our room we hit the first bar we came to in the lobby.
After a couple drinks we headed up to our room. Marine unlocked the door then held it open for me to enter first. I walked through the door and stopped and gasped.

The room was decked out in Honeymoon Decorations and a card telling us happy honeymoon from Blondie and her Hubby. 

The honeymoon was off to a great start!

We decided to explore the boat a bit before diner.

The Main Deck

Looking out at the port

The boat was beautiful!! Not to mention Huge!

 After that we dressed up and went to diner.

If you've never been on a cruise let me explain how diner works. Pre-Cruise you choose either early dining (6:30) or late dining (8:30) {give or take on the time maybe it was 8........} We had chosen later diner that way when getting back on the boat from the ports we would have time to shower and get ready.

At these diners everyone is assigned a specific table at which you are paired up with other guests.

This can be a wonderful thing or it can be a disaster.

So Marine and I are escorted to our table and realize it will be just us and another couple who has yet to arrive.

We take our seats and watch as others enter the dining room playing the guessing game of who will be our diner companions.

By this time we have met the elderly couple seated at a two seater table next to us.

Then a man and woman walk by our table and Marine and I exchange a look of relief they didn't sit with us....  because let's face it some woman just put off the witch vibe and this woman was radiating it.

And then the couple comes back and sit at our table.

I inwardly laugh but think it'll be ok we can make friends with anybody.

At least that's what I thought.

We start in on the small talk; where are you from yada yada yada. The woman throws in they are on the "Elite" spa deck several time as she looks down her nose at us.

The couple was late 30's, from Washington State, with 3 kids.

Granted we may not have the most in common with them but that's no big deal. The husband says he used to be in the Coast Guard so Marine and him small talk about that.

Marine then turns to me and asks me a question about something on the menu.

As we look down at the menu the woman whispers says to her husband snootly, "They really should give people compatibility quizzes before matching them up."

Wow. Ok what do you say to that?!

Do we pretend we didn't hear?

In the awkwardness of the moment I do the only I know how. Try to lighten the mood, "Yeah I wonder how they match people up on these....." and then I pointed out another table that appeared pretty mix-matched to throw the eyes off us.


The husband was nice and seemed slightly embarrassed by his wife's comment.

Let's just say the couple never showed up again. Which was fine by us. We enjoyed visiting with the other couples around us and then enjoying our meal just the two of us.

But as Marine said, "I wish I would have been drunk and at least showed my @ss or something."

It may not have helped matters that the wait staff sang us a Happy Honeymoon song and delivered a cake.

But she did seem quite envious when we handed some free drink vouchers courtesy of our wonderful Carnival Cruise Agent (want to cruise Carnival? Let me know and I'll give you her contact info. She was GREAT).

The first day was off to an interesting start. And there was 6 days to go....

To be continued......

"Phoebe: So, how was the honeymoon?
Monica: Oh, so much fun. But the best part is we met this incredible couple on the flight back.
Phoebe: That was the best part? Good honeymooning, Tiger." -  ~ Friends ~

Side note -- this was the only day Marine and I got sea sick as well. As we started to leave port it began to rain. Our room was on the very front of the boat and let me just tell you it felt like that really bad drunk when the room just won't start spinning. Word to the wise take Dramamine. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dirty Laundry

When Marine and I first started living together I didn't mind doing laundry.... in fact it paid quite well.


Each time I'd open the dryer and be rewarded with nice, clean cash. 

Then Marine got smart and started checking his pockets before throwing his jeans in the dirty clothes. 

Now laundry just isn't as fun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Workin 9 to 5 ----- ok more 8:30 to 5:30

Believe it or not I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

Nor have I been doing anything super interesting!

Ok maybe a few interesting things......

Friday was my last day of work. It was busy as I tried to train the new girl all the other things I gotten to during the week. It was also sad.

When I started the job 3 years ago I really expected it to be temporary. I mean it was because of that job I started this blog..... yes I blogged at work during down time or my lunch break.

I would say shame on me but let's face it your reading this at work aren't you ;)

Over time I became friends with my co-workers and as more time went by they started to seem more like family.

I had never worked with such a GREAT group of people.

I started to mold the job into more than what it was at face value. I started to shape it into what type of job I wanted.

And you know what? I really liked the job.

But due to the economy I was cut back to part time.

Hence the new job.

So again last Friday was my last day and all my co-workers threw me a surprise going away party luncheon!

I really was surprised! They had my favorite foods and all my favorite things. Complete with Strawberry Daquiris. Thats right last day of work I was a little tipsy after lunch.

They also had a cookie cake for desert.

It was sssssooooooo good!!

And to top it off they also gave me a gift....... sorta a good-luck-at-the-new-job -type-of-thing.

It was a basket with my favorite candies plus some new things for my new office:

Pens, notepads, post-it notes and a candle.

It may not have been much but I thought it was very thoughtful! There was also a super nice card that everyone signed and wrote a note on.

I won't lie it made me cry a little.

I never would have thought it would be so hard to leave a job.


Fast Forward a bit........ I started the new job Tuesday.

The commute's not so bad. It's nice spending part of the time there and back with Blondie and getting to catch  up.

The job's ok. I've decided to give it a full month before I make a decision on weather I like it or not.

But I'll be honest I didn't really take the job because I thought I'd like it. I took it because it was full time, more money and benefits.

So far it's not that bad. It's fast paced (which I like) but leaves no time for afternoon blogging (which I don't like).

The hours are 8:30 to 5:30 which puts me at the barn at 7 and then home by about 8ish. Which means after diner I pretty much just go to bed.  I'll get more used to the routine soon.

So just bear with me. I apologize for ALL the things I've left out lately!!!

I will post about the honeymoon, the wedding bloopers, Memorial Day, Target Practice and everything else soon!!