Saturday, July 23, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints, Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

So do you remember my post last year in which I ordered Marine a homecoming sign from

It turned out so great! And was so easy to work with and had such wonderful customer service I have been recommending them to everybody ever since. 

Well now they are branching out with even more products! Welcome Easy Canvas Prints.

Have you every made a canvas print? I admit that I had always wanted to but due to high cost from some other sites I have never ordered one. Marine told me at Christmas that he had almost ordered one for me for Christmas but my poor Computer challenged husband just couldn't get it to work.

When I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints and asked it I would review their product I jumped at the chance! 

The hardest part about the whole process was deciding which picture I wanted to use! 


I had wedding pictures, Marine Ball pictures, New Years, Birthday's and so many other pictures..... how could I choose just one?

I finally decided on one of my favorite wedding pictures and uploaded it to the site. 

When they say 4 easy steps, they aren't kidding!!

I was done with my canvas in less then 10 minutes and sitting there wondering if I had done something wrong because it seemed all to easy.

To put there site to the test I decided to let Marine try it.

Let me start off by explaining Marine's computer skills. 
  • Turn computer on
  • Check email
  • look at Facebook
  • turn computer off
  • Use Google to look up random knowledge
That's it.

I pulled up the site for him and handed over the computer. 

In 4 easy clicks he had uploaded the picture, selected the size and style and was done.

He was so impressed!! And now that he knows how easy it is I have a feeling this may be a sure fire birthday present for me in the works ;)

So the process was easy...... but how's the final product?

Maybe I should just let it speak for itself:

This above just didn't do it justice so I went out on the porch for natural light....

I went for the 8x10 with the image wrap sides. The wrap sides mean it takes the picture and wraps it all the way around the canvas. 



It already comes with the hanger on so when you receive it you just have to decide the perfect place to display it.

Mine is the center of my photo wall. It looks so beautiful and turned out so great!

I have already recommended them to all my friends and I have a feeling that very soon I will have to order another one..... there's another spot in my living room that an 11x14 would look just right.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."
~ Ansel Adams ~

****Side note: I forgot to add that the shipping time is very fast and that they have excellent customer service in case you do need to contact them****

Right now they are offering 25% off 
All Canvas & Free Standard Shipping


R said...

I keep thinking about ordering one of these for my dad with pictures of my sister and I. Love it.

And OMG! You didn't smiley face out the picture! I'm shocked!

Date Girl said...

I love mine so much too. I want all my pictures in canvas. Ahhhh you showed your face! :-) Isn't it liberating? You are gorgeous my dear and Marine is a handsome guy. Love the wedding photo!

phoebe said...

very cool!! beautiful. and like the other 2 comments... you showed your faces!! :-) you and date girl are much more braver than myself :-)