Monday, September 19, 2011

Knocking on 30's Door

So today is my birthday and I am officially on 26 round 4..... a.k.a 29.

That's right 29. The last year of the 20's. 

Looking back I really can't recall my 19th birthday, the last birthday of my teens. More than likely though I was excited about that last year as a teen. Official grown-up and legal drinking just around the corner.

At 29 though what's around the corner? 30? Yeah just not as exciting. 

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I did have a wonderful weekend though!

Marine and I went to Chattanooga for the weekend and had a wonderful trip. Friday night we went and ate at a small local pub. The food was good, the service was good..... and the crowd was interesting to say the least. Marine and I had seen it on a past trip and had decided we wanted to try it. I mean the building just peaks the curiosity. 

Saturday morning we got up and went to see Ruby Falls, which is America's highest underground waterfall. After walking thru the caves we arrived at the waterfall. 

It was spectacular and beautiful!  

 Afterward we walked to the top of main building and looked out at the beautiful view of Chattanooga.

After that we went downtown for lunch and to walk around a bit. Chattanooga is a beautiful city and if ever given the chance to visit..... DO!

My mom and Marine's parents were meeting us for diner so we had some time to spare downtown. We were going to go see Rock City (another local attraction) as well but were afraid we may not have enough time.

So instead we decided to see a movie. The only thing starting at the time we arrived was Contagion so we decided to see it. It wasn't quite what I expected it to be but it was definitely a movie that made you think. I mean everything we touch on a day to day basis has germs. 

Think of going to work and opening the door, going to lunch, getting gas, etc. Everything we touch all day has the potential to spread germs to us from the last person who touched it.

Yeah the movie was a little to slow paced but it did make you think about how easy it would be for deadly disease to pass quickly through a population. 
You know it was just the type of movie you wanted to see before going out to eat. lol

The movie ended about 20 minutes before we were set to meet everybody, so perfect timing!

We met up with my mom, Marine's parents, my uncle, and Giggles and her hubby for diner. The food was delicious! And the company was great. Even baby Marine seemed pleased with my choice of the Hawaiian chicken, and let me tell ya that's saying something because baby is not easily pleased when it comes to food. 

After diner the rest of the group bid goodnight but Marine, Giggles, Giggles Hubby, and I went down to the river where there bands playing in a free concert. The night was one of those perfect nights where summer is coming to an end and you can feel the first hints of fall in the air. The night is warm but with a slight breeze. 

We listened to music for awhile then walked to Coldstone for ice cream before heading on the drive home.

It was a wonderful birthday night out.

And today I took the day off from work since originally Marine and I planned on going away for the whole weekend. But this past week we house sat for my old co-worker...... you remember the one with the dogs and cats that each time I SWEAR I'll never do again cause the cats almost kill me? Yeah that one.... Well we spent last week house-sitting because I can't turn down extra money, and I like the little dogs.... well some of the dogs. lol

So after a week away I'll be honest I was ready to come home. The date night away though was a perfect birthday trip and spending my real Birthday at home is perfect!!

Another year older..... but a another year wiser....... that may still be up for debate!


R said...

Happy birthday lovely! I hope 29 treats you amazing!

phoebe said...

happy birthday!!!! it sounds like you had a fantastic time!!

i hope you're doing well!

Date Girl said...

Happy birthday E! You turn 30 a year before me, hehehe. Sorry, had to! :-) Glad you had a nice birthday out with family and friends. And glad Baby M got the memo to let you keep dinner down, at least for your bday.