Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Help.... I'm 19 Weeks, And My Husband Bought a Deli, Stuff You Won't Find On Pinterest

Warning you now this is going to be a long post. So buckle up.

Here's A Break Down:

  1.  The Help
  2. 19 Weeks
  3. Deli
  4. Pinterest
Part 1:
The Help. Have you seen it? All I can say is wow! Red, Previous Co-Worker, and I went to see it at the theater a few weeks ago.
For the girl who has to go the bathroom five times in an hour this was a glued to your seat cross your legs type of movie. I went in being a little clueless not really sure what the movie was about but that I kept hearing it was good.

Well it wasn't just good it was GREAT. Seriously. Go see it. You won't be disappointed. And if you have the book, I need to borrow it. It has been added to the "must read" list. 

Part 2:
You know how you always hear those people with kids who count things oddly?

"How old is he," looking at baby.
"Oh he's 18 months."

Speaking with pregnant woman.... "How far along are you?"
"32 weeks"

I was the one who always wants to go, "come on people!" Your kid is a year and half old. And your 8 months pregnant!

Perhaps that is why I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around pregnancy in terms of weeks. Or perhaps it's my desire to be different. I understand that the little baby within is developing week by week and it's an exciting adventure that still shocks me at times...... 

Laying in bed with Marine watching TV:

Me, "We're going to be parents."

Yes, it still astounds me every day that we are in fact going to be parents. I still can't believe we are old enough to have kids. 

Anyway.... even though I am now 19 weeks along when someone asks I choose to rebel and answer "Almost 5 months". 

I wish I had more time to write about all the wonderful things like hormones (crazy woman typing here), body changes (I have boobs!), and randomness (wait I've always been random).

We find out Boy or Girl on October 20th. That is if we decide to find out at all. We are tossing the idea around. Part of me is so curious I want to know now! I mean pink or blue?!

Flowers, and polka dots....

Oh blue puppy dogs and cowboys.... 

Yes part of me really wants to know. 

But the other part wants to hear the doctor say, "IT'S A......." and be completely surprised. 

I never thought I would think like that. But now that the time is here Marine and I have seriously talked about being surprised. Will we be able to control ourselves and not find out? Probably not... but it's a thought.

We did do the old wives tale of the wedding ring on a string. Ever heard of it? You tie your wedding band to a piece of thread and have someone hold the end of the string with the ring completely still. If the ring swings back and forth it's a boy. If it swings in a circle it's a girl.  

Marine was already convinced we were having a boy. We tried the ring tale and it predicted a boy. 

We both would be happy with either but Marine swears that at the last ultrasound he saw "something" and he just knows it's a boy. Never-mind the doctor said it was to early to tell, Marine was convinced. 

The ring just backed up his already "I know" attitude. 

I lay on the floor watching the string. Marine's arm and hand were completely still when the ring started to slowly sway back and forth. I was for sure he had a part in so I made him do it two more times. Each time his grin got bigger and his "I told you so's" becoming more insistent. 

"Ok lets see how accurate it is." I said taking the ring. " Give me your wrist." 

I was told if you do the trick over someone's wrist who isn't pregnant it will predict what there future kid will be. 

"What are you doing?" Marine asks.
"Seeing if you will have a boy or girl!" I laugh.
"What?! I'm not pregnant!" He laughs.
"We are testing accuracy." I tell him steading the ring and sitting still. 

The ring doesn't move. For a minute it just hangs suspended frozen in the air until I give up. 

"See I told you it's a boy!!" Marine says triumphantly.

 Part 3:

Also in the past few weeks Marine has opened a deli. SURPRISE!!!

It happened kind of suddenly.... one day Marine, his step-dad, and step brother were talking about opening a deli and the next thing I know it was opening day!

Seriously it all sorta happened in less than a month.

Marine's Step-Dad's family owned a restaurant for years before selling out. So I know Step-Dad knows what goes into making a restaurant successful. But Marine? Marine is a hard worker and no one will ever say he's not. But he is also a go getter when he sees an opportunity to make money. 

I'm a worrier. 

I see us putting some of our savings in a deli, all the while thinking of the other things the money could go for. 

Marine see's the possible profit. I see the possible loss.

I see all the time spent there. Marine see's the future and the possible monetary gains. 

In the end I agree with him and realize that if something happens and it doesn't work out we will get the money we invested in it back from the sale of the equipment. It it goes great then hey that may be a little extra money each month!

I had told Marine that the Deli would be his thing and I would help out every once in awhile but that I was not the "restaurant type person". 

Real supportive wife, I know. I blame it partially on the hormones and partly because I like being able to decide spur of the moment what I want to do. Owning a restaurant is a 24/7 job. There is always something to be done. I'll admit I wasn't sure that Marine totally grasped that. 

Let me just state for the record.... any wife who thinks when her husband opens a business she can stay out it.... is well..... just as naive as me!! 

Somehow I became the marketer, web designer, and accountant for this new venture. I'm not complaining because I have actually enjoyed it. Not to mention I've worked with him there the past two weekends.

So far so good. And I have to admit I love the fresh baked bread, muffins and cookies!! All baked fresh daily! Chocolate Chocolate muffins are just plain sinful. 

We shall see what the future holds. So far this is week 2 of the Deli being open. May the future hold only good things!!!

Part 4:

Pinterest. Have you seen this site? I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SITE! Much of my day at work is spent on the phone and on hold. This is a great site to browse while you wait. I have boards for Baby Ideas, Craft Ideas, Home Decor, Holidays, etc. 

A few examples: 
photos onto canvas. print onto tissue paper and mod podge onto canvas ~ easy!
Photo Onto Canvas
cute idea
Baby Decor Idea
Repurpose towels into a bath mat.  Brilliant!
Turn an old bath towel into a bath mat
something good
Words For Thought
Oreo Truffles..... look yummy!
Recipes To Try
turkey treats
Holiday Ideas
The ideas are endless! 

Also I have gotten a few ideas for maternity pictures. I'm not one for showing bare skin. So I don't see myself as the naked, bare belly type in pictures. I mean I know there will be a bare belly picture, but I want some others that are more a little more my style. Here are a few ideas I found I really like: 
♥ cute. use it to announce!
Cute photo idea
Cute idea!

Great maternity photo!!!

Love this! Maybe Miss Bubbles would cooperate

Check it out! Now I just have to find time to work on all the pinterest ideas I have pinned!


Date Girl said...

Well hi stranger! I've missed you. Wow, almost 5 months along already! I totally agree about kids age after they are a year. The worst is when they say 24 months! I will do the same as you when preggo and talk in months, it just makes more sense!

Congrats on the deli! I would have the same wordless. It's our job as virgos to worry! But if anyone can be successful it's marine. Is there any way you can quit your day job and work there full time? It'd be kid friendly I would think.

Can't wait for you to post some bump pictures! I have thought about being surprised with gender but I'm also such a planner so I don't know if I could wait!

JWRITER said...


I'm so sorry I have missed so much. I have been so busy lately and just missing your amazing post. I want to thank you for continuing to sharing your wonderful life in the blogging world. It is an inspiration to me. Congrats on the marriage and on the new addition soon. CONGRATS and keep blogging.