Saturday, December 10, 2011

How Many Bottles Does One Baby Need?

The Sunday after Thanksgiving Vixen and Giggles insist we spend a girl's day going to register for baby stuff.

Marine and I had already created a registry at Target at Giggles instance we "get on the ball". But the nearest Baby's R Us is over an hour away so we hadn't yet had time to venture that far. Giggles and Vixen thought registering at the baby mecca store was a must.

And imagine Marine's sigh of relief that he was getting out of that trip.

Vixen, Giggles and I entered Baby's R Us and took a seat at the customer service counter. A very nice lady gave us a run down of the store layout explaining each section and offering suggestions. I admit Vixen and I half listened and Giggles took it all to heart looking more and more overwhelmed as the lady continued. Finally she handed the scan gun over to Vixen and the three of us were off.

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But where to start?

Have you ever been in a Baby's R Us?

If not..... well...... it's baby stuff EVERYWHERE (shocking right?)!! Imagine Wal-Mart but all baby stuff.

Now imagine 3 Baby Dummies staring at a store full of things they know absolutely nothing about.

Yeah that was us.

We decided to work our way around the store. The first section was bottles. An ENTIRE wall of bottles.

Not only were there about 5 different types of bottles per shelf but then there were about five different brand sections to choose from. The three of us stood and stared for a moment.

"So which one do we get?" Vixen asks.

"I don't know..... these say newborn." I reply.

Vixen scans them.

Giggles is still staring in awe.

"And maybe these," Vixen scans, "maybe we should register for more than one pack?" BEEP the scanner beeps as she scans another pack.

Giggles turns with another brand and type in hand, "What about these with the sacks? Aren't they supposed to be easier to clean?"

"Sure sounds good...." BEEP.

Do we really know what we registered for? Not really.....


R said...

I'm happy to see you popping up on my reading list again. Thought you'd fallen off the blog-universe.

phoebe said...

your story is very familiar... i've heard this topic from my other pals that have had kids... :-) haha

i've missed you! how are you feeling? email me. lots to talk about :-)

jspotwriter said...

We have missed you and congrats once more. Babies are not a game I tell you that much.

Date Girl said...

lol, and this is why I'm bringing my friends who are mommies when it's my turn to register! :-) Welcome back to the bloggy world. You've been missed!!

Amy K said...

Love your blog! We should follow each other -

~~Mel~~ said...

I have just read your blog from start to finish and need to hear all about that beautiful baby girl...please!!!

Love your blog by the way.