Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas morning I awoke bright and early so excited I had hardly slept a wink.

I couldn't wait to see Maddie's reaction when she saw the presents under the tree. The house was quite. I was the only one awake. The sun was just coming up. 'Of course the one morning she decides to sleep', I think.

Marine and I get out of bed and I go in the living room to get the camera and everything set up. At 8 o'clock I couldn't take it anymore. It was time to wake the beast.

"Maddie.... time to get up and see what Santa I brought..." I said in a sing song voice peering into her crib. She peaks an eye open and grins before sitting up.

Needless to say I change her diaper quickly and hurry into the leaving room. She crawls in probably not sure why the paparazzi are ready to snap her picture.

I mean doesn't this face just scream, "Mom are serious?"

Needless to say when she realized she could rip into the pretty packages under the tree that she had been told for weeks to "Look not touch" - she was thrilled!

You mean I get to rip this stuff to shreds?

Challenge accepted.

Then it was time for her to open her main present. Her new walk behind activity center ma-bob (technical term).  She figured out quickly how to use it! And she loved it. 

Now it may look like we went overboard. But I promise I didn't. It being her first Christmas I knew this would be the easy year in which she would be more enthralled with the wrapping paper and the boxes then the toys themselves and I used this much to my advantage. 

Christmas morning was so much watching the surprise and joy in her eyes. When opening presents she would rip a piece of wrapping paper, hand it to Marine, rip another piece off, hand it to Marine and so on and thus forth.

After our house we had to go to my mom's and then to Marine's parents. Needless to say by the end of the day she was a pro at unwrapping gifts!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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