Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello 30

Tonight I had dinner with the girls to celebrate Giggle's 30th birthday. Of the first generation she is the last one to turn the big 3-0. Next will be Vivi, Blondie, Red, and Hollywood but those lucky whores still have a few years of their 20's left to enjoy.

After a long day at work it was nice to meet up for dinner with the girls. We are a large group so when we get together we tend to take up the biggest table in the restaurant. And I must admit I'm sure we are rather loud. I mean a table full of 10+ women all trying to talk at once is a bit much. But hey that's us! At least for the first ten minutes as everyone exchanges greetings and discusses what drinks to order with dinner.

Once the food arrives the table quiets and one person at a time is allowed to talk as we all try to catch up on the happenings that have been missed since our last gathering.

As we sat eating dinner another group of girls we know came in and said hello and then were seated in a small corner booth. Now I admit I have a good looking group of friends. We may not all rank a 10 but I guarantee no good looking guy in his right mind would kick any one of them out of bed.

But these girls....

Add a cardigan or blazer and would be perfect for a photo sessionThey all looked perfect. Stylish almost to a fault. Imagine all those clothes that you pin on Pinterest but never actually break down and buy....well if your like me anyway.... yes that is what these girls were wearing. All four of them looked like they stepped out of a magazine. Perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect shoes, perfect accessories, perfect manicures. Flawless.

On the way home for some reason my thoughts drifted to those girls, sitting there in their booth with their perfect store bought tans and designer labels. What must it feel like to be perfectly put together?

For some reason the word that came to mind was plastic.

I couldn't help but smile thinking about my group in contrast. Some of us were in workout clothes, having fit in a few minutes at the gym between work and dinner. Others were in semi-causal clothes coming straight from work and the rest in just jeans and t-shirts.

Maybe that is the difference of 30's and 20's. In your 20's you still want to run with the "in" crowd. You want to be noticed. You want to be the one that turns heads and that everyone else envy's. You blow your paycheck on clothes, purses, and shoes you really can't afford. But hey what else do you have to spend your money on? Your only young once.

At 30 you realize that none of that stuff matters anymore. You admit or realize you aren't perfect and you have no desire to pretend to be.

Maybe that is the real difference between 20 and 30. It's not just growing up, it's growing more real.

Cheers to 30! For me and my friends our 20's were a blast. So many fun times and memories made. I look forward to the 30's and the adventures they will bring.

Rachel: You know? I'm still 29 in Guam.

Ross: Hey, 30 is not that old! Do you know how old the Earth is?

Rachel: Late 30's?
~ Friends ~


Mrs. Match said...

I'm excited for my 30's! Next month, eep! I hear the 30s are really the best years. I have to say in my 20s I was so lost, and now that I'm closing in on my 30s, I feel like I am confident in who I am. And yes, definitely less plastic! :-)

phoebe said...

30's def have pros and cons... so far, aside from a few minor deets, i've been enjoying my 30's. it's def a new chapter in the book of life!

Heather said...

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