Monday, December 16, 2013

The Day The Christmas Tree Farm Died

Bye, bye Miss Christmas Tree

Drove my Ford to the tree farm but the tree farm was empty
Them good ole boys were drinking hot chocolate and crying
Singin' this'll be the day that I go to Lowe's 
This'll be the day that I go to Lowe's

What a rainy year it has been in the south!! That is how we found ourselves half way to Christmas and still no Christmas tree. 

Every year my family has made a trip to the Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect Christmas Tree. Mom, Dad, and I would always make a day of it and it was one of my favorite parts about Christmas. Debating which tree was the "perfect" one. 

Operation Christmas Tree 2012

So Sunday the clouds loomed but the rain held as we got in the truck and headed to the Christmas Tree Farm. Over the years the farms have dwindled... I guess as more people switch to artificial trees. This will be the 3rd tree farm I have visited in my life span..... which over 30 years is a relatively low number. 

Marine is driving the farm truck, I ride shotgun and Maddie is snuggled in the backseat with my mom. Maddie is getting excited as we tell her about going to get the Christmas tree. 

I of course have my camera ready to capture Maddie's 2nd year going to the tree farm.

As we near the farm I say, "I don't see any signs for the tree farm. I hope they aren't sold out."

"Surely there will at least be a Charlie Brown tree left," replies Mom.

"I'm sure there's plenty," Marine agrees as he turns the truck down the road. 

As we near the farm I have yet to see a sign........ the farm comes into sight..... no Christmas trees.

"Um..... looks like he went to cattle." Marine slows down taking in the once Christmas tree field now fenced in with cows. 

It was 11 days till Christmas what were we to do?

Note to self: Everywhere is sold out of Christmas trees 11 days till Christmas, but Lowes.

So we went through the remaining trees looking for just the right one. 

Needless to say this may be the smallest tree we have ever had. But it is beautiful none the less. And I'm sure one day we will look back on the concrete Tree Farm of Lowes and laugh. 

Either way I have told Marine that his new goal is plant a few Christmas trees on the back of our property so that maybe in a few years we can just walk back there and chop down our perfect tree.

Merry Christmas!


phoebe said...

happy holidays to you, marine, and maddie! this will be a fun story to tell for years to come :-)

Mrs. Match said...

Happy very belated Christmas! What a bummer about the farm. we go to one every year, and I would be so sad to see it go. maybe you can find a new one next year!