About Me

In one sentence: Living life a day at a time.

The long version:

I'll start off with telling you a little about me. I'm twenty-seven (but I prefer to think of it as twenty-six round 2). I am very outdoorsy and I love doing anything athletic. I ride horses and have been doing so since before I learned how to walk. Seriously.

I live in a small town; everybody knows everybody. Sometimes it's nice but other times it can drive you crazy. I mean even if you don't know what your doing, in a small town, someone else always does. But I guess that is also part of the charm.

I've lived. I've learned. I've made mistakes. I've evolved. 

I started the blog as an outlet. A way to write but to also getting my feelings out there. I really didn't expect anybody to read it! 

I was going thru the big D (and I don't mean Dallas). After getting out of an 8 year relationship I was starting over. Lost, confused, and without a map. But with great friends you can make it thru anything.

So I blogged about my life - life of a single girl.

I told the story of my highs and lows. 

And then one day I met a guy that proved to me that not all guys are the same. I was swept off my feet by a young Marine four years my junior. I was living my love story and after all the frogs I had finally found my prince (Cheesy I know... I kinda hate myself right now for even writing that). 

On New Year's Eve 2009 a little after midnight he got down on bended knee and proposed.

As a couple though we still had mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome before we could get to our "happily-ever-after". Again another big D word - Deployment. 

So now I find myself, no longer a single girl but an engaged girl going through Deployment and preparing a wedding. 

 Life has many chapters. This is the story of my life.

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