Care Packages

I have scoured the internet high and low looking for creative and fun Deployment Care Package ideas. To save you the trouble I'm gonna sum it up for. Aren't I a nice person?

Below are some ideas along with pictures of care packages I have done. Keep checking back!

Harley playing Easter Bunny

"Now what all is going in this box?"

The inside of the basket (there was more in the box
necessities and such - this was just the fun part!)

Marine loves to fish! I decorated the other flaps
with pictures of past fishing trips. 

This is like the first layer, all fishy items: tuna, sardines,
salmon, smoked oysters. Fishing magazines are also under all this.
And of course got to add a pack of baby wipes!

Oh yes.... got to include some fish games!

Filled to the brim!!

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3
(there was Salsa under the Chips ~ And the Jelly Beans are favors from Giggles Wedding)

Package 4 ~ Anniversary Package
Sent Marine all the items to make a personal pizza: crust, cheese, sauce, and pepperoni.
Also the socks are wrapped around Mason jars filled with Strawberries & Cream bread (his favorite)

I truly fill the boxes to the brim. I will post soon on how to bake things in Mason Jars.
Your military man will love this! My Marine did :)